Chexw min wa halth?  (How are you doing?)  My ancestral name is Tsawaysia Spukwus.  Halth skwile te-staas!  Hoy chexw Chaylth Siyam, Hoy chexw hax-osun spa-hame kwi Hoy chexw Chesha Tamayolth!  It’s a beautiful day, today!  I’d like to thank the Creator for this beautiful day!  I’d like to thank the Creator for giving me the Power… Giving me the Power to Create my own Day!

I have been in the Education field for 20 years and Employment Coordinator for 5 years (in the down town east side).

Tsawaysia Spukwus

whose English name is known as Alice (nee Harry) Guss, is a Squamish Nation member.  My late father, ‘Ernie Harry’, Pekultn was a Hereditary Chief from the Seymour Creek area of the lower mainland of British Columbia.  My family is strong, committed and active in the preservation of our Culture and Heritage.  My mom, ‘Gwen Harry’ and late Father ‘Ernie Harry’ are Squamish Nation members who has nurtured and guided their family of seven children, including Alice (Harry) Guss to participate in all aspects of First Nations culture, language, community, governance, education, traditional art forms, healing, recreation, singing, drumming, dancing and storytelling. With over 20 years working with First Nation’s communities as a Director of Education and 15 years delivering Sacred Drum making workshops, Tsawaysia is masterful at bringing innovative learning opportunities to all people through workshops, drumming, singing, dancing and storytelling.  She is a participant in healing Tribal Journeys and more recently co-produced a number of documentaries including Squamish Nation: Stories from the Heart, Tribal Journeys, and Riding with the First Nation’s Snowboard Team.  During the 2010 Olympics she coordinated her family’s Sea Going Canoe display, Pekultn, in honour of her father.

Tsawaysia graduated from Howe Sound Secondary in Arts & Sciences.  Tsawaysia went to Langara and Capilano College and did Small Business and Academic & Computers courses.
Tsawaysia then went on her Education Journey!  — from being a Tutorial Aide to Director of Education for two Nations, (Squamish and Tsawwassen). Plus the beauty of working downtown eastside, Vancouver BC — in the Employment Industry (employment coordinator/resource coordinator)

Tsawaysia did a Drum Making Workshop in Oahu, Hawaiian Island in January 2012. Tsawaysia recently went to ICE in Chicago, Illinois at the beginning of June 2013. It was an honour to be at this Educational Conference, http://www.chicagoice.org/ Tsawaysia recently went into many schools and communities in the Lower Mainland to teach the children – mini drums, cedar bark book markers along with drumming, singing, storytelling and getting them to participate and dance. Way chexw yo! (Take Care!)

I can go to your office, community, school, campground, company retreat, etc

You can make:
1. Wool Weaving Workshop (make a headband)for $25.00
2. make a 14 inch drum with complimentary drum stick for $150.00
3. make a headband or basket for $30.00
4. make 3 inch drum with complimentary drum stick for $10 a kit
5. make a 6 inch drum with complimentary drum stick for $25 a kit

drum cedar wool APRIL, 2015drum workshop SCMA June 2015



  1. Hey keep up the good work there my wee sister.
    Thanks for the link.

  2. love your website supa kewl :)

  3. Seems like u know a great deal pertaining to this particular topic and
    that demonstrates throughout this amazing article, labeled “Tsawaysia Spukwus”.
    Thank you ,Rogelio

    • Your Welcome and thank you for your kind words, Rogelio! :)

  4. Hi, I am very interested in learning how to make a Cedar hat. It would be great to create other items using cedar as well. You have some interesting workshops. Would be great to learn from all your workshops.
    When would your next workshop for Cedar weaving be and where?. I live in North Vancouver, I have a friend that lives out in Surrey that is interested as well.
    Good wishes to you. Frank :-)

    • Hi, I have 3 workshops in one day – Sat. Feb 8, 2014
      1. Wool weaving workshop – make a headband for $25.00 (Time – 9:30 am to 11:00 am)
      2. Drum Making workshop – make a 14 inch drum with deer hide, maple frame and lacing with complimentary drum stick for $150.00 (Time – 11:30 am to 1:30 pm)
      3. Cedar Bark Workshop – make a basket or a headband for $25.00 (Time – 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm)
      Address: 37660 Tekaya Drive, Squamish, BC

  5. You Are AWESOME, CUZ!

  6. I live in Squamish and would love to weave myself a head band. I am interested in the next workshop for headband weaving.
    Thank you
    Mrs. Lynne Rainforth

    • Awesome! Will let you know when my next workshop is!

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